Digital Signage Success Story
Bosch Car Service


Improving customer satisfaction and sales opportunities are high priorities for service centers as they stand to increase return visits, customer spending and referral business. Powered by FWi’s award-winning software, Bosch Service Center’s digital displays go further than the static signage traditionally found in service centers by improving not only the customer experience and sales opportunities, but the employee experience as well. Research* about the FWi system shows:

K-12 | Executive Summary Heritage High School

Keeping the attention of the typical teenager for more than a few seconds is a challenge. Just ask any teacher or parent. But for Heritage High School in Littleton, Colorado, catching and keeping the attention of 1,600 students in order to provide them with important information has become a daily routine.

So what’s the magic bullet that keeps students at Heritage High tuning in instead of tuning out? Digital communications, of course. For a generation whose eyes seem permanently glued to the screens of their phones, computers and televisions, that same technology can also capture their attention and help them take notice of school announcements and other useful information.


Higher Education | Executive SummaryAmerican University


American had other digital signage systems running at the university prior to kicking off their project with Four Winds Interactive. Previously, they had used a makeshift signage program through an internal system, but decided to move forward with a system that could support their expanded vision for signage on a campus-wide level. The original system consisted of six displays with each player PC hard-wired from one central location and was used to show rotating PowerPoint presentations in the University Center. American started looking for a new software solution that could support an expanded, campus-wide system. The main requirements were to find a solution that would give them 100 percent control, direct integration with R25 for class and event management...

Corporate | Executive Summary Leo Burnett


If there is one name synonymous with high-quality, memorable advertising it is Leo Burnett. Since its founding in 1935, the agency has created many iconic characters and campaigns that have become part of the fabric of American (and global) culture. From the household names Burnett has helped Procter & Gamble build for its brands, to commercials featuring Kellogg’s Tony the Tiger™, the lonely Maytag Repairman or the Allstate “Mayhem” man, the agency’s work has touched the awareness – and lives— of millions of people. Even people who know nothing about the advertising or marketing business recognize the name Leo Burnett.

Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center


Settled along five-and-a-half miles of sandy coastline, Long Beach is the quintessential vacation getaway, boasting both the ambience of a sophisticated urban center and the charm of a seaside community. Located 20 miles south of Los Angeles, California’s seventh largest city offers visitors a dynamic range of oceanfront hotels, attractions, shopping, recreational activities, art and culture, restaurants and nightly entertainment that make it an ideal destination for any time of the year. Day or night, convention or vacation, it’s the best of all worlds—right in the center of everything Southern California has to offer. Businesses have looked to Long Beach as a meeting destination because of the city’s ability to draw people from across the country and around the world.